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Beautiful & Secure Environment

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Annapolis valley, Oakhill is in a natural setting, apart from distractions and temptations of a busy confusing world.

Private and Semi-Private Rooms

We believe people need the best possible environment to support their recovery, including special space for rest and relaxation. That is why we offer private or semi private rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Comprehensive Addiction Therapy

Each of our clients receive individual and group therapy based on a variety of therapeutic approaches, depending on that client’s needs. The therapies are based on a combination of evidenced based, values based and contextual therapies delivered by our clinical team.

Medical & Psychological Consultations

As part of our holistic approach to treatment, we recognize that women have specific medical and psychological needs. The professional women on our team are all highly skilled in the many facets of addiction and provide an atmosphere of support particularly suited for our women clients.

Delicious Nutritious Meals

Our chefs, in consultation with a nutritionist, work to provide high quality, nourishing meals, making sure that the specific needs of each of our clients in recovery are met.

Medical Detox

Detox is medically supervised by our on-site full time nurses. This is all coordinated by our medical team. For certain cases, we make use of medical aids to render the process much easier and safer. For opiate withdrawals we can use Suboxone, and for Benzodiazepine withdrawal we follow the Ashton protocol. Alcohol withdrawal is medically supervised and medication is given to eliminate the risk of seizure and stroke. We take every measure to ensure that this first, important stage towards drug addiction recovery is a comfortable and safe one.

Aftercare Training

We recognize the many diverse needs of women, and that is why we create individually tailored recovery plans, designed to help support their unique journeys. The first three to six months following treatment can be a very vulnerable time, so aftercare is the key to a successful and lasting recovery. We provide additional support after our clients leave Oakhill, and we maintain contact contact with them so that we can address and deal with the issues that might arise that lead to their addiction.

Professional Intervention Services

In consultation with those who know, care about and want to help an addict the trained staff at Ledgehill help choose the best intervention method for the situation.

This could include a confrontational intervention which forces an addict to confront the consequences of their addiction – how it affects others (this type of intervention is usually a surprise to the addict); an invitational intervention where the addict is invited to participate in the process and a collaborative meeting is held; or a hybrid system.

Intervention is usually conducted with family and friends but could also be done in the workplace with colleagues. There is no one size fits all. The goal is always to have the person suffering from the addiction (be it to alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction etc.) leave the intervention with a commitment to attend rehab.

Often, the addict chooses to leave the intervention with the interventionist and head directly to rehab. Sometimes there is a period of detox or supervision until a rehab stay starts. In either case our trained counselor comes to you, helps plan the meeting and attends and leads the discussion. An intervention can be helpful even if the addict refuses to attend or participate.

The type of addiction, circumstances of the addict, age and family situation etc. are all taken into account when planning an intervention. With many years of intervention experience we know the best ways to create a positive outcome from what is initially a difficult and emotionally charged experience. Addiction is difficult. Its affects radiate out to negatively affect many around the addict during addiction but similarly when an addict is finally able to get the help they need to overcome an addiction everyone around them is “healed”.

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